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Are Rottweilers Good With Kids? Advice For Parents

Ever wondered whether or not Rottweilers get along with kids? Are Rottweilers good with kids? 

Rottweilers can be good with kids if socialized properly. As long as they go through proper obedience training, Rotties will thrive in a household with kids. 

Rottweilers’ loving temperament, loyal nature, and guard-dog instincts makes them great dogs for kids. Also, they’re durable enough to tolerate the rough play of children.

Rotties are large and powerful dogs. They are courageous, territorial and protective towards their owners. Rotties were used for herding and pulling carts. A well-trained Rottie is confident, loyal, self-assured, and calm. Training and socialization are a must for this breed.

Rottweilers are durable enough to tolerate the rough play of children. However, they’re not the best choice of dog breed for those with young kids. 

As with any breed, small children should never be left alone with a Rottweiler. Proper socialization and meeting people under positive circumstances are imperative if an Rottweiler is going to be around children.

Are Rottweilers aggressive?

Rottweilers generally take the guardian role very seriously, especially when left outdoors with the responsibility of protecting property. This may lead to territorial aggression.

Regardless of how much we adore these smart, loyal dogs, Rotties are not the best breed for novice pet parents. Their size and strong prey drive can cause problems for some owners.

Remember that the temperament of a dog is also shaped by raising and training. Rottweilers need loads of training and socialization so they can differentiate friend from foe.

Pet parent tip: Rottweilers are not recommended for novice dog owners, for those who want a lapdog, or for those unwilling to take charge.

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dog, rottweiler, animal

Are Rottweilers friendly?

Rottweilers are truly fearless, fully confident, and will exhibit unfaltering devotion to family. The naturally protective Rottie has a propensity to become aggressive if they aren’t raised properly.

They enjoy the companionship of their family and want to participate in daily activities. Here is how your Rottweiler will show affection towards you and kids:

  • Rub against you: Rottweilers sometimes may just sit next to your legs. They will rub against your legs or any other part of your body.
  • Bring you it’s a favourite toy: For Rottweilers, their toys are special and they are possessive about them. 
  • Yawns with you: If they yawn in response to your yawns, it is known as an appeasement gesture.

Do Rottweilers protect babies?

Rottweilers take a cautious approach when it comes to dealing with something new in their lives. They are intelligent and will sense your consciousness and calm, careful energy towards the little one. 

It’s always better to create some distance between your Rottie and your baby. Make it a point to ensure adult supervision near your baby at all times to avoid any physical injuries.

Dogs are creatures of habit and can experience anxiety when there is a change in lifestyle. If you’re bringing a baby into your home with a Rottie, they may find it upsetting in the beginning. This is especially true if the Rottweiler was the only child in the family, with all the attention being directed at the dog. You just need to be very cautious.

Pro Tip: Babies are extremely delicate and fragile. Parents should never leave their little babies unsupervised with Rottweilers.

Are Rottweilers good with kids
Are Rottweilers good with kids

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweilers are loyal, confident, and courageous dogs. They are very affectionate with their family but tend to be aggressive towards strangers. It is no surprise that they all Rotties share the following personalities:

  • Loyal: Rottweilers are extremely loyal to the family. No matter what happens in your life, these amazing dogs will remain by your side. 
  • Courageous: Rottweilers display a brave and courageous temperament. They will do anything to protect their family if they feel like they are in danger. 
  • Affectionate: Rotties are loving and affectionate companions. If socialized properly in puppyhood, they make a superb family dog. Rottweilers can be confrontational with other dogs when they are not socialized.
  • Guard Dogs: Rottweilers are reliable guard dogs, and they take pride in protecting their family. These dogs can be a fierce guardian and always quick to sound an alarm if they find someone suspicious around the house.
  • Intelligent: These dogs are considered intelligent and highly trainable. They have a good memory and need mental stimulation to stay away from destructive activities. 
  • Barkers: Rottweilers are not very vocal dogs but they’re quick to let you know of approaching danger whether in the house or out walking.
  • Sporty: Rottweilers are sporty, versatile, and energetic dogs. You must provide them regular exercise and physical activities to stay healthy and happy.
  • Playful: They are playful dogs and they enjoy spending time and playing with their human companions. They must be taught to play nicely from puppyhood.

Built to handle rough play 

Rottweilers were bred with durability and sturdiness in mind. They’re capable of withstanding the rough play of kids.

According to the AKC, a female Rottweiler has a height up to 22-25 inches and an average weight of 80-100 pounds. On the other hand, an average male Rottweiler stands tall to reach 24-27 inches with a weight range of 95-135 pounds.

Are Rottweilers good with kids
Are Rottweilers good with kids

What do you need to watch out for

Rottweilers are large dogs but their durability and physical prowess can also be a pitfall. Even if you have the sweetest and most docile Rottie in the world, there’s still a chance they may unintentionally hurt a young kid.

Rottweilers may not know how weak kids are and may unintentionally hurt a young kid during a game. A nervous kid can become quite frightened around a Rottweiler.

With training and socialization, Rotties develop a calmer and more patient attitude towards kids.

Are Rottweilers good with other pets?

When Rottweilers are raised with other pets, they can get along well with them. However, Rotties often have issues with strange dogs and other pets that are introduced into your home. 

Rottweilers are usually intolerant of other dogs of the same sex. They’re not the best candidate for visiting off-leash dog parks. These intelligent and powerful canines need guidance right from the start. With proper training and guidance, Rottweilers will accept new pets peacefully. 

Pro Tip: Keep your Rottweiler on the leash in public places and parks to prevent aggressiveness towards other animals. 

Tips for having a well-rounded Rottweiler?

To ensure that your Rottweiler grows up to be a friendly and well-rounded dog, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Socialization: Rottweiler puppies need early socialization and exposure to many different people, pets, places, smells, sounds, and sights. 
  • Love and attention: Shower your Rottweilers with a lot of love and attention. Try to spend quality time regularly with your Rott.
  • Exercise: Before bringing home a Rottweiler, you need to make sure that you can manage the exercise needs of this furry pal. Rottweilers are high-energy dogs and need lots of exercise and mental challenges. 
  • Training: Rottweilers are energetic dogs and require consistent training right from the beginning. Untrained Rottweilers will struggle to get along with people and other pets. Check out amazing tips to train your dog. 
  • Use a positive reinforcement approach: Always reward the positive behavior of your Rottweiler. These dogs feel special every time they are rewarded with treats, praises, and rewards.
  • Stay consistent with your Rottweiler: You need to be consistent and firm with your Rott. Lack of consistency might reinforce negative behaviors in dogs. 

Pet Parent Tip: Many behavioral problems have a root in Rottweiler’s early upbringing. Set limits from the start and your Rottweiler will turn out to be an amazing pet. 

Are Rottweilers good with kids
Are Rottweilers kid friendly

Raising Rottweilers alongside kids

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when raising your Rottweiler alongside kids:

  • Teach your kids to approach Rottweilers with respect. Always encourage gentle handling. Children should never hit, pull, or climb on top of your Rottweiler.
  • Encourage your kid to show love to your Rottweiler by cuddling, rubbing, and kissing their dog from time to time.
  • Ask your children’s friends to be gentle and to give your Rottweiler some space.
  • Reward your Rottweiler when they are well-behaved in the presence of your kids.
  • Allow your child and Rottweiler to bond together through the use of games or fun activities.
  • Encourage frequent bonding time between the two, especially during your Rottweiler’s puppyhood.
  • Train your Rottweiler to protect and watch over your children, whilst still showing love and patience towards them.
  • You should always supervise any interactions between your Rottweiler and young kids, no matter how friendly and loving your pet may be. 

Are Rottweilers good with kids: Activities for kids and Rottweilers

Spending time doing activities that involve both the kids and an Rottweiler is a great way to encourage bonding time, as well as making sure you Rottweiler has used up enough energy throughout the day!

Activities you can partake in that includes both kids and Rottweilers are:

  • Frisbee Toss: 

Frisbee Toss will have your pup catching a frisbee in mid-air. It requires skill, coordination, and timing and Rottweilers excels at this game. This is a great energy burner for your kid and Rottweiler. 

  • Bubble blowing

Having your kid blow bubbles for the Rottweiler to catch is a fantastic game for smaller children. You can get special flavored bubbles made especially for dogs.

  • Dog Training:

Get your kids to try training your Rottweilers! You can make it into a game. This can help your kids build confidence and a sense of accomplishment, and your Rottweiler can get some treats!

  • Soccer

Your child and Rottweiler can have a blast playing the soccer game. Of course, dogs use their noses to “kick” the ball around.

  • Hide and seek

Rottweilers and kids love to play hide and seek. It’s a great exercise for teaching your dog to wait until called. Your kid can reward them with treats when they find you.

  • Fetch

This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable games a child can play with an Rottweiler. This classic game teaches kids about teamwork and can be a lot of fun.

There are plenty of different activities you can arrange that involve both kids and dogs. You can even have a little “pup & kid” photoshoot in your backyard!

Are Rottweilers good with kids: Final Thoughts 

So, are Rottweilers kid friendly?

You need a well-behaved and loving dog if you have children at home. The naturally protective Rottweiler has a propensity to become aggressive if they aren’t raised properly. Sadly, there are some irresponsible pet parents who do not properly train and socialize their Rottweilers.

Small children should not be left unattended with dogs, especially large dogs. Rottweilers are energetic dogs and make great pets for families with older kids, due to their protective and loving nature.

Before you adopt a Rottweiler, it is important to take a look at your lifestyle and how accommodating it would be for a Rottweiler. As a responsible dog parent, you must understand their exercise needs, diet, and grooming requirements.

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