Best Guard Dogs For Elderly

Best Guard Dogs For Elderly (2024)

Dogs are incredible companions and hold the title of being a man’s best friend. This stands perfectly true for senior people! The good news is that many dog breeds out there prove to be the best guard dogs for elderly. 

Dogs have a positive impact on elders’ physical and mental health. They keep them busy, engaged, boost their mood, and fulfill the human need for touch. Dogs can ease their loneliness with their devoted nature and companionship. Dogs make them feel loved and protected.

The unconditional love that elders feel towards their dogs sounds exciting and amazing. In this blog, we are going to highlight the best guard dogs for elderly. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Guard Dogs For Elderly

Guard dogs not only provide a sense of security but also offer companionship, making them excellent choices for the elderly. Let’s explore some dog breeds that possess both protective instincts and gentle temperament, ideal for older individuals. These breeds provide companionship, emotional support, protection, and safety to the elderly.

Boston Terrier

Best Guard Dogs For Elderly
Breed OverviewDescription
Breed GroupNon-sporting group
TemperamentFriendly, Bright, Amusing
Average Weight12-25 pounds
Average Height15-17 inches
Lifespan11-13 years
AKC Breed Popularity Ranking21 of 202

What should you know:

The handsome little companion, also known as ‘The American Gentleman’ has a sporty but compact body. They are small enough to live in an apartment space, but not too big to take up too much space.

Boston terriers are lively and polite dogs and possess all the good qualities of a Terrier. They are low shedders and very easy-to-groom dogs. Boston terriers are intelligent and relatively easy to train. Due to their alert and affectionate personality, they make great pets for elderly. 

Bostons have a very special affinity for the elderly. They often bond very closely with their owner and become extremely loyal to him. They enjoy spending time and cuddling with their elderly companions.

Standard Schnauzer

Best Guard Dogs For Elderly
Breed OverviewDescription
Breed GroupWorking group
TemperamentSmart, Fearless, Spirited
Average WeightMale: 35-50 pounds, Female: 30-45 pounds
Average HeightMale: 18.5-19.5 inches, Female: 17.5-18.5 inches
Lifespan13 – 16 years
AKC Breed Popularity Ranking89 of 202

What should you know:

The Standard Schnauzer is a medium-sized breed known for its intelligence and protective nature, making it a suitable guard dog for the elderly. These strong-willed and intelligent dogs are ideal for guarding as they were originally bred to be guard dogs and ratters.

Schnauzers are friendly and affectionate, but they always keep a suspicious eye on strangers. Alert and trainable, they form strong bonds with their families and are watchful of their surroundings. The Standard Schnauzer dog is extremely loyal to the family. No matter what happens in your life, your Standard Schnauzer will remain by your side. Since these dogs are very loyal, they are obedient and will do everything to please their human owners.

Their moderate grooming needs and manageable exercise requirements cater to the elderly lifestyle. Standard Schnauzers offer both companionship and a sense of security to seniors seeking a reliable guard dog.


Best Guard Dogs For Elderly
Breed OverviewDescription
Breed GroupToy Group
TemperamentGraceful, Charming, Sassy
Average WeightNot exceeding 6 pounds
Average Height5-8 inches
Lifespan14-16 years
AKC Breed Popularity Ranking33 of 202

What should you know

Chihuahuas are small yet confident guard dogs, making them ideal for the elderly. Despite their size, they have a protective nature and form strong bonds with their owners. Alert and loyal, Chihuahuas will notify their owners of any potential threats. They are big barkers and will loudly alarm the owner if they see an intruder.

Their small size makes them easy to handle, and their moderate exercise needs suit the lifestyle of seniors. With their intelligence and low grooming requirements, Chihuahuas offer both companionship and security to the elderly. Chihuahuas have a reputation for being loud and snappy. Their personality and unique size make them a wonderful go-everywhere companion and guard dog for elders.

German Pinscher

Best Guard Dogs For Elderly
Breed OverviewDescription
Breed GroupWorking group
TemperamentIntelligent, Courageous, Vivacious
Average Weight25-45 pounds
Average Height17-20 inches
Lifespan12-14 years
AKC Breed Popularity Ranking134 of 202

What should you know

German Pinschers, while medium-sized, possess a fearless and protective temperament, making them effective guard dogs. They are very smart dogs and have high intelligence and concentration levels. They are loyal, alert, and highly trainable, making them responsive to commands. With proper training, they can be gentle yet watchful companions for the elderly. Their moderate exercise needs can be accommodated by active seniors. German Pinschers offer a good balance of loyalty and protection, providing a sense of security to their elderly owners.

German Pinscher is a strong-willed dog and is naturally suspicious of strangers. They will alert a strong, loud bark if they see a stranger or intruder. 

The German Pinscher displays a courageous temperament. They were bred to hunt and kill vermin. Their courage, determination, and incredible spirit are renowned and that makes them superb guard dogs. They will do anything to protect their owner if they feel like they are in danger. 


Best Guard Dogs For Elderly
Breed OverviewDescription
Breed GroupWorking group
TemperamentLoyal, Loving, Confident Guardian
Average Weight95-135 pounds (male), 80-100 pounds (female)
Average Height24-27 inches (male), 22-25 inches (female)
Lifespan9-10 years
AKC Breed Popularity Ranking8 of 202

What should you know

Despite their larger size, Rottweilers can be excellent guard dogs for responsible elderly owners. They are known for their loyalty, calmness, and protective instincts. Well-socialized Rottweilers are gentle with their families while being wary of strangers. While their exercise needs may be higher, their loyalty and protective nature make them a reliable companion for seniors seeking security.

Rottweilers have has abundant strength and a loving heart. They’re considered one of the oldest dog breed and were originally used to drive cattle and pull carts. These dogs have high energy and need regular exercise and physical activities to stay happy and healthy.  They have a high prey drive and high barking potential. 

They are intelligent, have good memory retention, and respond well to rewards and praise. This combo makes them very easy to train dogs. Proper training and early socialization are essential to ensure they exhibit the desired temperament and behavior. Rottweilers offer a strong sense of protection and companionship to the elderly.

What Makes a Good Guard Dog For Seniors?

Before getting the best guard dog for elderly, it’s essential to consider the following:

  • Temperament: Guard dogs for older people shouldn’t have very strong prey drive or aggression. While all dogs require physical and mental stimulation, some breeds are more gentle. The dog needs to be calm and affectionate with older people at all times. You need to choose a dog with the right balance of courage, loyalty, friendliness, affection, and aloofness. It would be ideal if the elder person interact with the dog first before finalizing the ownership.
  • Size: There isn’t a perfect best size for older people. Generally, many elders thrive in the company of small to medium-sized dogs. Large and giant breeds can be a joy as well but they won’t be suitable for apartment dwellers. Opt for a dog that is a manageable size and has enough strength to protect without overpowering.
  • Grooming Requirements: Avoid dog breeds that are very difficult to groom. Also, it’s better to choose breeds that are low shedders. 
  • Energy level: A dog breed with a medium energy level is best for older people. However, it generally depends on the preference of the senior owner. Breeds with moderate to low energy levels are easier to deal with. They don’t need too much exercise, physical activity, and playtime.
  • Wanderlust potential: If possible, avoid dog breeds who are escape artists and have high wanderlust potential. Some breeds love to wander around and are not considered the best guard dogs for elderly. The dog should stay with its senior owners.
  • Age: A dog’s age determines how much effort is needed. Puppies are generally more and are not much suitable for the elderly. Senior dogs are also not the best option for elders as they require a lot of medical care. Adult dogs who are already trained and socialized are best for elders. This way, senior owners won’t need to deal with the stress of medical issues, housebreaking, and other puppy-related needs.
  • Barking: A guard dog for elders is trained to bark loudly when an intruder enters the house.

Pet parent tip: Avoid dog breeds that are prone to different types of medical conditions.

Final Thoughts on Guard Dogs For Elderly

Sharing homes with a dog is incredibly special. Dogs make elders laugh, give them company, keep them protected, and stay with them in all circumstances.

Dog ownership comes with many perks and responsibilities. Keep in mind that love and care are very important for four-legged canines. By becoming a dog parent, an elder person takes the responsibility for another life! 

Did you find this article useful? Feel free to share your thoughts. We would be happy to hear from you!

Best Guard Dogs For Elderly

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